Event:November 23, 2013


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In 2013 ILL&MATES launched a non-profit socio-cultural project for illustrators. Illustrator as a profession was something new for Ukraine and most illustrators were self-made artists. As a result, we decided to make a platform for artists where they can share their experience, inspiration, knowledge, and skills.

ILL&MATES TALK became the platform for professional communication between all participants and experts of illustration market.

The first TALK took place in Creative space 12 on November 2013. The TALK was dedicated to the topic “Creator vs Businessmen. How not to screw up the project”. We invited  illustrator Fil Dunsky  to report on the topic and share some tips. Fil worked with Wrigley, McDonald’s, Orion, Heinz, Kinder, Bounty, Danone, Beeline, Panasonic, Pepsi, Cosmopolitan, Henkel, BBDO, DDB, JWT, Lowe Adventa, Saatchi & Saatchi and LeoBurnett. So, we were defiantly sure that the meeting was useful:)


The second TALK was about self-promotion. We decided to talk about importance of personal projects as an instrument not just for self-development, but also as a good promotional tool. Our speakers were Olga Protasova (designer), Tim Bierbaum (director, illustrator) and Rodion Kovenkin (photographer).