Client:Strila Movement


10 illustrations for the Ukrainian producer of longboards Strila Movement. It is the project where our team takes part in target group researching and art direction. The task is to make concepts for visuals and illustrate them for 12-17 teen girls fond of longboard riding.
How we did it
Who are they, 12-17 teen girls fond of longboard riding? How do they look like? What do they like? What is their life style? What do they dream about? — Our research gives answers to all these questions. And one more research is needed: to find out which visual images are preferred by the target group. Only now, when we have full information, we are ready to work on visual concepts. The way to find the right concepts is based on working with references and experiments with different illustrations’ styles and techniques. We present the range of ideas to the client, and the most preferable are put into execution.